Turning the Impossible Into Possible: A Story of Negotiation and Achievement

Today was a fulfilling day. In early April, I sent a client a sample of a 135-piece tool kit, a project that had been on hold due to our inability to find an appealing aluminum box. However, recently, one of our aluminum box suppliers received an order from a major company in Germany, and when I saw the design, I was instantly captivated. I felt certain our client would love it too, so I sent them some detailed photos of the box for their reference.

Inspired by the box, the client came up with numerous ideas, leading us to design a custom aluminum box specifically for them, ensuring it was distinct enough to avoid any copyright issues. After finalizing the prototype, we assembled a 135-piece tool kit according to their quality specifications. However, the color mismatch within the kit made it look somewhat uncoordinated and unattractive.

Upon receiving the kit, the client meticulously checked the quality of each tool. While they were satisfied with some, others did not meet their expectations. Moreover, the sheer volume of the kit made it a challenging order, especially since they wanted to start with 100 kits due to the high value of each set. This quantity was manageable without specific color requests, but customizing the colors for the aluminum boxes and tools posed a problem since our minimum orders for other products typically start at 1000 units, and some sets even require 500.

When the client mentioned, “This value is high, and we can sell a lot of these products, Melissa, I need your help,” I couldn’t help but empathize. Putting myself in the customer’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to commit to a large quantity of a high-value item all at once either.

After wrestling with my thoughts, I engaged in a challenging negotiation with our production manager. I appealed to his emotions and rationalized the client’s difficulties while also painting a picture of potential future growth and opportunities. Finally, after much persuasion, the production manager relented slightly, agreeing to a minimum of 200 kits, but only in red-black or yellow-black color schemes.

Although this was not the ideal outcome, it was a significant improvement from our initial stance. I eagerly shared this news with the client, along with the practical difficulties we encountered during production. The client expressed understanding and eventually agreed to order 200 kits in the yellow-black color scheme.

Turning every impossibility into a possibility is what gives me a sense of accomplishment in these communications. I am grateful to my clients for providing me with such valuable experiences!


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