About Melissa

Hello, I’m a 32-year-old woman, married with a daughter. I have extensive experience in the foreign trade industry, focusing on providing high-quality services and products to clients.

My journey in the foreign trade industry began in 2012, initially with little knowledge of trade terms and processes. However, through relentless effort and accumulated experience, I gradually mastered the essentials of the industry. In subsequent roles, I managed a large volume of orders and client affairs at a top-tier foreign trade company, successfully increasing annual transactions from zero to $3 million USD. Weekly, I oversaw 2-3 containers, handling everything from initial inquiries and quotations to order placement, procurement arrangements, detailed order follow-ups, and shipment coordination, including addressing product issues for clients.

Over the past few years, I’ve cultivated close relationships with clients and contributed to the company’s expansion into new markets. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as a manager, I successfully maintained stable company operations and facilitated business growth. My diligent work ethic and commitment to quality have been highly recognized by clients, resulting in significant improvements in company performance.

Now I joined YUFEI, a dynamic team, embarking on a new career path. As part of the team, I’m dedicated to acquiring new clients and fostering strong partnerships. We prioritize customer-centric approaches, continuously striving to enhance product quality and service levels to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

I believe that my expertise, work experience, and acute understanding of customer needs will be valuable assets to you. I look forward to establishing a partnership with you, collectively exploring markets and achieving mutual growth.